Monday, 11 July 2016

Skin For Panel Stretch Layout

You have to use many ways to skining a panel stretch layout Componenet today i will tell you the most easiest way to skining a panel stretch layout Component
To Learn This U should Know About Panel Stretch layout

The panelStretchLayout component stretches the child in the center facet to fill all of available space. The available space may be constrained by the presence of other children in the top/bottom/start/end facets. When these children are present, they occupy space defined by the topHeight/bottomHeight and startWidth/endWidth attributes.

Use The Follwing Code to Change The color Of each Facet of panel Stretch layout facets

<af:panelStretchLayout id="psl" topHeight="200" startWidth="200" endWidth="200" bottomHeight="200">
  <f:facet name="top">
    <af:outputText id="t" value="Top" inlineStyle="background-color: #FF6666;"/>
  <f:facet name="start">
    <af:outputText id="s" value="Start" inlineStyle="background-color: #FFFF66;"/>
  <f:facet name="center">
    <af:outputText id="c" value="Center" inlineStyle="background-color: #FFFFFF"/>
  <f:facet name="end">
    <af:outputText id="e" value="End" inlineStyle="background-color: #66FF66;"/>
  <f:facet name="bottom">
    <af:outputText id="b" value="Bottom" inlineStyle="background-color: #6666FF;"/>

The Result For This Will be

for This Purpose we use a output text componenet
and we assign value  ,start,top,end,bottom

The Demo Picture For This Will Be

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