Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Important Groovey Expression In ADF

Today We will Discuss Some Groovey Expression in ADF
Calling AM method for bind variable using groovy expression


Calling VOImpl method using groovy expression from bind variable expression.


Assigning sequence next value in Entity Object attribute using groovy.

Groovey Expression To Show Current Time

new oracle.jbo.server.SequenceImpl(“YOUR_SEQ_NAME”, object.getDBTransaction()).getSequenceNumber()

Get Current user from groovy.

adf.context.securityContext.userName or adf.context.securityContext.getUserPrincipal().getName()

Get Current user role from groovy.


Get current date with tuncated time using groovy.


Get current date with time stamp value using groovy.


Raise an error in Entity Validation.


Expression to get Old Value and New Value using groovy.

newValue, oldValue

Get the ADF Context object using groovy.


Get user session object using groovy.


Get userData object by groovy


get value of variable from userData object using groovy


Friday, 26 August 2016

How To Call Report In ADF from Form 6i

Hello every Body
Today i will  discuss how to report calling from 6i to adf
Now a days people are moving to ADF teachnology

First of all make a jsf page and drag and drop a button  from componenet pallate
In The action Listener Of Button make a bean and meathod
write the follwing code in meathod

Meathed is Explained In this picture all the detail to fetch reports from adf Is given in this post

When U will Run The Jsf Page The Report Will be View

If U feel Any Confusion Reach Me

Muhammad Mushtaq

ADF Devloper

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Create LOV (List Of Values) For Your ADF Application

Today We will discuss How to create list of values in ADF
First Of We should have idea about what is list of value

ADF Faces provides two list-of-values (LOV) input components that can display multiple attributes of each list item and can optionally allow the user to search for the needed item. These LOV components are useful when a field used to populate an attribute for one object might actually be contained in a list of other objects, as with a foreign key relationship in a database. For example, suppose you have a form that allows the user to edit employee information. Instead of having a separate page where the user first has to find the employee record to edit, that search and select functionality can be built into the form, as shown in Figure

In this Tutorial We will Learn Complete Lov Application

First Of All create Fusion Web Application

After This Click on model choose New and then from Gallery choose adf buisness componenent

after this choose Buiesness Component from table

Create Your Connection as shown in picture and Test Your Conection

After clicking ok then follow the below picture

Click Next then click Move Available to selected

After clicking next,next then click finish

Now Make A view Object to create Lov  click on the AppModule and then click on the new then view Object As shown in figure

After click on view Object Write The Name and Type of view Object Select "Sql  Querry Based View Object"  

Click Next  And Then Click Querry Builder

A screen will open Follow The Follwing Steps To create Querry you can also write your Querry

After click many time then click finish
Now click DepartmentView then click Department Id Because We have To craete
 LOV(list of values ) for DepartmentId  Pictorial view Show The Step one by one

After clicking on the List of Values Then you Will click on the First Tab Configatration 
select your View Object you have Recently created and then click  The Item you want to show in lov

Click Ok ...Your LOV is created and Ready to use it Create a jsf page from view Controller
and then from appmodule data control drag and drop departments View and drop into jsf page and then run the page 

When You run the page u will get the follwing    result

Download Your Application Here 

Thanks All 

Muhammad Mushtaq
ADF Developer

Monday, 8 August 2016

Download Skining Of All Type of Animated Button in ADF

Helo everyone

I am sharing some skin of all type of button in adf

I used Global Selectors for button like this

//Some code Here

I used Some Custom Classes


                                        Download Here
                                      ADF Buttons Skins

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How To Convert Date And Time In ADF Application

By using adf new component adf date Converter you can convert date and time accordin to your own Will .By default if you will choose date then Date Will Be show As in example
If u want to convert date  According To your Own Will drag and drop Convert date and time from component Pallate
Then go to properties of af:CovertDateTime write the pattern for you want to choose
for example    

dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss 
After This Run Your Programm and check your date pattern (example Leave Date)

For All that The XML  Code Will Be

<af:inputDate label="Leave Date" id="it3" inlineStyle="width:300px; height:30px;"
                            <af:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss"/>

Mushtaq Wattu

Create Entity Object For ADF Apllication

In this tutorial we Will how to Create And Use Entity Object For Our Application Before Going to Practical Implementation we Should Know What Is entity Object:So first Step Is to Create ADF Application

Enter Application Name and than click on Finish

Right Click on Model and choose New

From the Business Tire category select ADF Business Components and from items select Business Components from Tables

Create the Connection to the Oracle Database

Query the Database Schema and move the Entities from Available to Selected window. In my case I am moving Department and Employees Entities. Rename the Package model from model.eo (for ease to remember)

Create the Entities based Views and rename the package as shown and than click on Finish

We can define two types of attribute

a) Control Functionality and behaviour such as Mandatory fields, Default values of the fields and also set the database interaction properties etc.
b) UI Hints – default UI representation such as Label of the fields, Tooltip, Format mask and control types etc
Expand the model.eo package and open the Employees entity. Click on Attributes and select the hiredate field from Employees entity. Now we will set the following attributes on the hiredate field.
1) Setting the default date value using the Groovy Expression
2) Setting the Label, Tool Tip, Format Type and Format on hiredate field

Save the Project. Expand model.vo package, right click on AppModule and choose run.

Oracle ADF provides swing based interface to interact our View Object. Double Click on EmployeesView1 and than click on plus sign to create a record. You will see that the default value of the hiredate date filed, Label is also set as we did. Move the mouse cursor to the hiredate field, Tool Tip will also appear automatically.

Mushtaq Wattu

Monday, 1 August 2016

How To get Dynamic Menues Using Custom SQL view Object part(2)

In perevious tutorial we learn about how to create view object which is the sub part of how to get view dyanamic menues from database
for this we learb step by step 

First you have to idea about view Object and View Links

Create three view Object For  and Then For Linking Create Three View Links

  • Menues 
  • Sub Menues
  • Forms And Reports

 For This Purpose I am Sharing The Snapshot

After This Take a menu bar Where you want to show menues For Example In template page
Make The Follwing Struture to show Menues
Now WE have to Assign Values To The Af:Iterator and AF:Menues
Assign a value To the iterator Which You will call in menu and The Name of Main menu in data Controls
Now Focus On values and Var of  Iterator
Now Click on Menues and in output text write The First entry of your menu with the variable you declare    #{mainMenu.Mainmenu}      Where mainMenu Is var you decleared and MainMenu Is from data Controls The Firts Entry of all attributes Showing in Example

After This You will repeat The Steps for Submenues and Then For Forms and Reports

Now For Other Iterator Write This 

AFter This Write The Follwing Code which is mention in text for sub menues  

 After Giving value to last iteror whose picture is not showing here we will assign value to text which is decleared in iterator

Follow Thes steps after Doing All This You will Get Drop Down Menues like This
To get This Project U  can Approach me..
Mushtaq Wattu
ADF UI devloper