Thursday, 28 July 2016

Skining And Balancing Of ADF Form

ADF form are Very important because in buisness application forms are mostly used .they are backbone of every adf application so today i will discuss you how to design form for your adf application
Follow the follwing steps To create form in adf Application page
1)After Creating Jsf Page Drag and Drop panel group layout to you page and set its layout to vertical

2)Now drag a view(for example Employees) and choose form from option  and drop it to
 panel group layout

3)Then change the rows and columns of panel form layout according to your desire

4)now You have to skin your form 
change the background color adf form

 5)now we have to focus input text of our application 
input tex has three part for skin
they are mentoned in the picture below

content style is for input text part and label style is for output text part we can add inline css as well as extrenal css

6) Now we have to balnace all the input text of our form for this purpse  we will write height and width in content style

7 ) Now write this code to chagne the background color of input text we will write this code in adf skin  for global selectors 

Your form is ready to use  in perfect balance form

Thanx For Corporating

Mushtaq Wattu

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