Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bug in View Object Query in jdeveloper 12.2.1/Problem In Query Object Result

Helo every body Today i will discuss a bug in j developer version 12.2.1
Actually when you create a view Object you will face a error  when you ask the result from querry 
the querry does not return the result even if there is no error in querry syntax
i will discuss this by using pictorial view 
Lets Take an example of view object to Discuss This Bug

1)Click on View Object 

2)Then click On querry To check The Querry and Then click "Test and Explain"

3)Querry Will Execute But it Will Shows No Result Now Click on Edit Tab(pencil like tab with add tab)

4)You Will Noticed the querry will execute and return the result as you can show in the red error zone

5)Finally You Will get The Result

Follwing My vedio will clear all the Procedure and your bug will be adjusted

                                                   Mushtaq Wattu

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