Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How To Convert Date And Time In ADF Application

By using adf new component adf date Converter you can convert date and time accordin to your own Will .By default if you will choose date then Date Will Be show As in example
If u want to convert date  According To your Own Will drag and drop Convert date and time from component Pallate
Then go to properties of af:CovertDateTime write the pattern for you want to choose
for example    

dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss 
After This Run Your Programm and check your date pattern (example Leave Date)

For All that The XML  Code Will Be

<af:inputDate label="Leave Date" id="it3" inlineStyle="width:300px; height:30px;"
                            <af:convertDateTime pattern="dd-MMM-yyy HH:mm:ss"/>

Mushtaq Wattu

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