Monday, 1 August 2016

How To get Dynamic Menues Using Custom SQL view Object part(2)

In perevious tutorial we learn about how to create view object which is the sub part of how to get view dyanamic menues from database
for this we learb step by step 

First you have to idea about view Object and View Links

Create three view Object For  and Then For Linking Create Three View Links

  • Menues 
  • Sub Menues
  • Forms And Reports

 For This Purpose I am Sharing The Snapshot

After This Take a menu bar Where you want to show menues For Example In template page
Make The Follwing Struture to show Menues
Now WE have to Assign Values To The Af:Iterator and AF:Menues
Assign a value To the iterator Which You will call in menu and The Name of Main menu in data Controls
Now Focus On values and Var of  Iterator
Now Click on Menues and in output text write The First entry of your menu with the variable you declare    #{mainMenu.Mainmenu}      Where mainMenu Is var you decleared and MainMenu Is from data Controls The Firts Entry of all attributes Showing in Example

After This You will repeat The Steps for Submenues and Then For Forms and Reports

Now For Other Iterator Write This 

AFter This Write The Follwing Code which is mention in text for sub menues  

 After Giving value to last iteror whose picture is not showing here we will assign value to text which is decleared in iterator

Follow Thes steps after Doing All This You will Get Drop Down Menues like This
To get This Project U  can Approach me..
Mushtaq Wattu
ADF UI devloper

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