Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Create LOV (List Of Values) For Your ADF Application

Today We will discuss How to create list of values in ADF
First Of We should have idea about what is list of value

ADF Faces provides two list-of-values (LOV) input components that can display multiple attributes of each list item and can optionally allow the user to search for the needed item. These LOV components are useful when a field used to populate an attribute for one object might actually be contained in a list of other objects, as with a foreign key relationship in a database. For example, suppose you have a form that allows the user to edit employee information. Instead of having a separate page where the user first has to find the employee record to edit, that search and select functionality can be built into the form, as shown in Figure

In this Tutorial We will Learn Complete Lov Application

First Of All create Fusion Web Application

After This Click on model choose New and then from Gallery choose adf buisness componenent

after this choose Buiesness Component from table

Create Your Connection as shown in picture and Test Your Conection

After clicking ok then follow the below picture

Click Next then click Move Available to selected

After clicking next,next then click finish

Now Make A view Object to create Lov  click on the AppModule and then click on the new then view Object As shown in figure

After click on view Object Write The Name and Type of view Object Select "Sql  Querry Based View Object"  

Click Next  And Then Click Querry Builder

A screen will open Follow The Follwing Steps To create Querry you can also write your Querry

After click many time then click finish
Now click DepartmentView then click Department Id Because We have To craete
 LOV(list of values ) for DepartmentId  Pictorial view Show The Step one by one

After clicking on the List of Values Then you Will click on the First Tab Configatration 
select your View Object you have Recently created and then click  The Item you want to show in lov

Click Ok ...Your LOV is created and Ready to use it Create a jsf page from view Controller
and then from appmodule data control drag and drop departments View and drop into jsf page and then run the page 

When You run the page u will get the follwing    result

Download Your Application Here 

Thanks All 

Muhammad Mushtaq
ADF Developer

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